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cast iron is often called

the 'original nonstick pan,'

a reputation built entirely

on proper seasoning*

*layer of polymerized oil that develops

on cast iron cookware over time/with use 

if you don't know now you know...

polymerization occurs when fats are heated & bond to the metal surface of your cast iron,

creating a smooth, plastic-like coating that's natural and non-toxic. 

all you really need to know is this:

don't skimp on the seasoning!

'cuz even pre-seasoned cast iron will benefit from additional layers of seasoning


<<< PROTIPS >>>

start with a clean slate

scrub with coarse kosher salt

this will remove any impurities on the surface,

and optimize the results of your seasoning

not all fats are created equal

we recommend avocado oil

you can use any cooking oil or fat to season, but a

high smoke point & neutral flavor are ideal

don't hang it out to dry

heat over medium low flame

this is a quick and easy way to dry your skillet

not 100% necessary, but definitely good to know

caring for cast iron  

FYI - your reward for treating this guy nicely is quality cookware durable & versatile enough to use everyday, that only gets better in every way the more you use it over time - a true heirloom-in-the-making that will last your family for generations*

*hint - that's why your skillet comes equipped with a 'secret family recipe' card ...


the key to cast iron = cooking!

cast iron cookware just

gets better with age

(and continued use)

to unlock its full potential,

just USE IT as much

and as often as possible!

the more you use it, the

smoother & more nonstick

it becomes

stcg's cast iron recipes

oops... made ya cook